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Every artist was first an amateur.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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SgArtClass.com is the definitive place to find the art class you have been looking for. With sessions ranging from introducing children to art to team-building workshops for employees at your company, we offer a broad variety of creativity-boosting classes and expert teachers.

Our art teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and trainings. These creative educators have what it takes to lead their students on an artistic journey that will continue to benefit them long after the class time has ended. We can be sure there will be a teacher who can expertly cater to every student’s needs and interests. Our teachers have a solid foundation, attaining high levels of educational achievements at renowned art institutes in both Singapore and around the world. Some teachers have received art awards and recognitions over the course of their careers. Some have even experienced art shows and exhibits featuring their own work.

Although not all of our teachers are certified as official art therapists, their wide experience with teaching art students of all ages — including children — make them ideal resources for parents wishing to give their children the gift and benefit of art instruction. Many of our teachers have experience helping adults & children with special needs, including those on the autism spectrum. Art can be particularly beneficial as it helps them express themselves, focus on creative tasks, and unlock potential that might not have been recognized before. Art can also help special needs adults & children develop valuable skills that might have been gradual in developing, such as teamwork, communication, following directions, and other tasks.

If you are an art student yourself looking for a little extra aid and direction on your coursework, many of our teachers have the specific qualifications to help lend their expertise to the assignments. For the more casual art student — if you’re just looking to try out a new hobby or do something fun and different — teachers who are still plenty knowledgeable but perhaps less intimidating are also on hand.  For participants with special needs, one might be surprised at the deep revelations you will experience after your special needs child / sibling presents you with a thoughtful art piece created at the behest of a talented and patient art teacher, bringing you and your sibling / child closer than before.

All instructors specialize in a wide range of topics so that you can get the most specialized attention in your area of interest possible.

“Some of the best teachers are the ones who are able to best understand their students. Whether they’ve been through similar circumstances and experiences or simply have the tools to be sympathetic and open to their students’ needs, these teachers make lasting impacts on their students. “

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We want to help you develop your art skills, improve your workplace relationships, and be there to fulfill your artistic needs at events. Our team is on hand to help you find the art class / workshop / service you require.

It’s easy to get swept up in the stress and hard work of the business world. Whether you and your coworkers are getting burned out on your workloads, or if you’ve noticed that employees in your division are exhibiting signs of having low morale, it might be time to bring art into the workplace.

We offers an enormous selection of creative workshops for team members in your office. Taking an art workshop together with fellow workers is a great way to increase cohesiveness and promote bonding and the development of trust among people who come from all different walks of life before coming in to work every day. Art can also have unexpected benefits for business professionals.

After taking a corporate workshop with us, you might be surprised to find yourself thinking of solutions outside of the business box. Learning about and practicing art can help your brain make new connections instead of plodding down the same old path. You might embrace new ways to solve problems and please clients while simultaneously reducing stress thanks to some fun and worthwhile projects completed during the workshops. Art can also help people process difficult emotions that could otherwise lead to unresolved stress and emotional issues.

It doesn’t matter if you or your coworkers have never taken an art class before. Expert teachers are ready to lead you on your artistic journey.

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